Pixenate – Edit Photos for Printing and Sharing

PixenatePixenate is an online photo editor designed for photo printing and photo sharing businesses. It offers powerful photo – editing tools that foster creativity and stimulate purchases of custom photo products.

You can clear your mistake using undo and the site is fully customizable so you can change its appearance. It provides powerful fully-documented API so you can change it’s behaviour if you so wish.

Pixenate requires no browser plugins or additional downloads for your users so they can quickly get creative with your photos.



  • Enhance: a general picture improver to boost colors reduce noise, and smoothen faces. We’d like to have seen some controls over how much it does each of these optimizations
  • Fill light: an automated light booster with no controls
  • Crop: includes presets for typical photo sizes – 4×6, 5×7 8×10, and square
  • [advt]Resize
  • Rotate
  • Spirit level: for straightening pictures with horizons
  • Red eye correction: At first it can be a little trick aligning the correction box, and once we ended up with a blue pupil
  • Whiten: for teeth—no brushing or trays required
  • Sepia
  • Colors

Fun effects


  • Lomo—a dark halo effect that saturates colors in the middle of the image
  • Filter—with colored lens
  • Round—for edges
  • Interlace—adds TV-style lines
  • Snow—for that wintry feel
  • Text
  • Oil Paint
  • Charcoal

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