Fix Bad Sectors on Your iPod using CopyTrans Doctor fixes

CopyTrans Doctor fixes errors on your iPod hard drive disk, also known as “bad sectors”.  It gets your iPod back to normality and can even undelete files you have erased from your iPod. It allows you to fix your iPod problems with just a few easy clicks and preserve your precious iPod data.

It looks for songs that still appear in your iPod menus, but cannot be played anymore. Inversely, it music that is still on your iPod, but not listed in its library anymore.
Then, CopyTrans Doctor allows recovering files you may have inadvertently deleted from your iPod.

iPod issues can have many aspects: your iPod is not detected by your computer, inaccessible to iTunes, you cannot update or restore it anymore, because it experienced a shock after you dropped it. You improperly ejected, unplugged or disconnected your iPod or simply used another iPod manager than iTunes to manage its music, which corrupted your iPod database. Your iPod menus are messed up, your iPod is not responding, buggy, not working correctly, you cannot add songs to it anymore, you tampered with your iPod folders in Disk mode and accidentally deleted songs, you lost iPod songs, because of an unwanted synchronization if your iPod with your iTunes library, etc.

CopyTrans Doctor is a fully featured iPod repair toolbox or emergency kit that will, altogether, establish iPod library diagnostics, fix iPod corruptions, retrieve iPod lost, missing or unlisted songs or any other file type and clean up iPod database.

Repair iPod hard drive disk memory problems

  • Establish complete iPod diagnostics
  • Fix iPod disk errors (bad sectors)
  • Detect and correct iPod hard drive corruptions

 Download CopyTrans Doctor fixes 

Recover iPod missing & lost songs, videos, photos and other files

  • [advt]Find iPod missing songs
  • Retrieve iPod lost or unlisted data files
  • Tidy up iPod library (database)

Undelete iPod accidentally erased & deleted data

  • Recover iPod erased files
  • Cancel, reverse iPod data deletion
  • Retrieve iPod involuntarily removed music

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