iCloner – Back up Your iPod File

iCloner will copies every single file,  it can find on your iPod and creates easily restorable iPod backup images out of them. Its backup archives include your iPod songs, films, photos, playlists, artworks, books, podcasts, notes, contacts, games stored on your iPod. Whenever needed, i.e. iPod loss, theft, crash or migration of data to a new iPod, open iCloner and restore all your stuff with a single click.

Backup all iPod files without exception

  • Create as many iPod backup images as needed
  • Save all iPod data in a single file with music, videos, photos, notes, contacts, games, etc.
  • Regularly perform weekly or monthly iPod backups

Download iCloner 

Restore all iPod data with just a click

  • [advt]Fully rebuild iPod with all personal settings
  • Recover iPod data from backup images
  • Restore iPod backup on brand new iPod

Store iPod backups in a safe place

  • Keep iPod copies on removable storage devices such as external hard drive
  • Adjust backup compression rate to save space
  • Generate iPod backups that can later be burned on DVD

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