Fennec Beta – Firefox to Mobile Phones

Fennec is built on the same core technology as Firefox, so Fennec has many of the same great features as the desktop version. Fennec provides a rich platform for developers to create compelling content and amazing applications on mobile phone platforms.

Developer will be able to create rich mobile applications and experiences on the same platform as the desktop version of Firefox, while tap into the device capabilities of the phone, such as location and camera and build add-ons as you would for Firefox.

Fennec Features

  • Tabs that let you browse multiple sites at once
  • One-click bookmarking to quickly organize websites
  • The Awesome Bar for super-easy navigation
  • A growing collection of add-ons that let you customize your mobile browser
  • Plus, Fennec boasts a touch-enabled interfaced optimized for the small screen


Fennec is a XUL-based web browser designed for mobile-class devices, especially those with touchscreen support. Fennec shares much of its platform support with Firefox. The two browsers use the exact same HTML rendering engine, as well as Add-on support, Download management, Places bookmarking & history, and JavaScript engine (including JIT support).

Although the underlying platform is the same, the front-end UI is very different. Fennec is designed for smaller screens, lower CPU & memory specs, non-qwerty keyboards and touchscreens. Because of the large UI differences, add-ons that overlay the Firefox UI would need to be ported to work in Fennec. The focus on acceptable performance while running on mobile-class devices coupled with some of the finger-based UI features, has resulted in some unique XUL structure.

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