Facebook Privacy Concerns – 16% Quit, 60% Consider Quiting – Poll

According to an online poll of 1588 Facebook users conducted by Sophos, almost two thirds of Facebook users are considering leaving, with 16% of those polled claiming to have already stopped using Facebook as a result of inadequate control over their data.

The poll asked Facebook users: Do you think you will quit Facebook over privacy concerns? Out of the total 1588 Facebook users polled, 16% have already quit, 30% highly likely to quit and another 30% possibly to quit Facebook over privacy concerns. With this survey showing that only 24 percent of users aren’t thinking about quitting, Facebook will need to make sure further changes to the privacy policy are clear, concise and in the interest of making it easier for members to know exactly who has access to whatever they chose to upload.


Facebook has faced growing criticism over changes to the way that the social network can share user data across its site and with other websites. Concerns have centered on the complexity and ‘opt-out’ approach to sharing member information with a wider networks. Facebook privacy concerns have been always up on the Internet.

This poll shows that the majority of users are fed up with the lack of control that Facebook gives users over their data. Most users still do not know how to set their Facebook privacy options safely, finding the whole system confusing. What’s needed is a fundamental shift towards asking users to ‘opt-in’ to sharing information, rather than to ‘opt-out’.

But, a mass exodus from Facebook seems unlikely. Instead, members will be getting more interested in knowing precisely who can view their data. [source]

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