Facebook New Design Updates

Facebook has recently rolled out a new design to users with new features and improvemen, which will add more impact on the design, its usability and user perception.

The Profile includes basic information about a users name, their hometown, schools they went to, the place where they work, and the last five photos in which the user was tagged. Users can also highlight specific groups of friends on their Profile.

A new photo strip section is introduced and placed just above the Wall. The maximum size of profile picture is reduced to 180x540px (from 200x600px).

You can hide and unhide posts according to your wish by just clicking on the “X” option of any post.

One of the important feature with the new design is that, you can activate the option ‘Use Facebook as your Brand name’. Thus you can read and reply to messages as your Facebook page brand name.

Key Features

  • Getting Tagged
  • Photos at the top
  • Cut in Profile Picture Size
  • “Standard Tabs”
  • Hide or Unhide Post
  • Wall filters
  • Email notifications
  • Featured Pages and admins
  • Mutual connections
  • Navigation
  • Get To Post In Other Company’s Facebook Page
  • ‘Like’ other’s pages
  • Know Your Fans Better [source]

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