Facebook Linked Account – Add / Remove A Linked Account from Facebook

A linked account is an approved online account that you link to your Facebook account. This means that when you log in to the linked account, you will be able to access your Facebook account without logging in to Facebook.

You can link your Facebook account to a variety of other online accounts, including accounts with Google and Yahoo!. To see a full list, click on the drop-down menu in the “Linked Accounts” section of your Account Settings.

To add or remove a linked account, navigate to “Linked Accounts” section of yourAccount Settings page. Click “change” to see a list of all of the accounts that are currently linked to your Facebook account.

To link a new account, select an account type from the drop-down menu and click “Link New Account.” Enter your Facebook password in the box that appears and click “confirm.” Another box will appear asking you to sign into the account you wish to link (for example, your Gmail account).

To remove a linked account, simply click the “remove” button located next to the account.

Linking another online account, such as a Gmail account, to your Facebook account allows you to access Facebook whenever you are logged in to that other account. Thus logging into your Gmail account would also log you in to your Facebook account. [source]


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