Facebook Comments Can Now Display Videos, Photos & Link Previews

Facebook LogoFacebook has tweaked their comments feature by adding a new feature allowing users to embed photos, videos and website previews into comments.

Now, if you include a URL in a Facebook comment, you’ll be able to preview content from the web page that URL links to. Unlike wall and news feed posts, the content preview won’t appear until after the URL is published, but comment authors are then given the option to remove the preview.

For example, if your friend posts about the new Harry Potter movie and asks if it’s any good, you might paste a link to the film’s Rotten Tomatoes review page. The new comment will let your friend–and anyone else who can view that post–see a sample of the content on the Rotten Tomatoes, such as the movie’s rating and a promo graphic.

If you paste a link to the movie’s trailer on YouTube, your friend will be able to view the video from within the comment you’ve posted–without ever leaving Facebook.

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