Face Detection Feature in Orkut Photo Albums for Photo Tagging

Google launched face detection feature on all new photos uploaded to orkut. Orkut automatically detects faces appearing in the photos. You can now add tags to those detected faces, and make the photo tagging process much faster. When you start typing a friend’s name, the auto-fill feature suggests names from your friends list.

Face detection functionality has been available in Google’s Picasa Web album, and it is great to have the same fucntionality in Orkut as well.

Only your friends will be able to tag you in their photos. To keep your privacy, you can remove all tags if you would prefer not to be tagged in this manner.

Orkut Photo Albums aleady has features to add tag identifying any of your orkut friends, share photo albums with Orkut friends, share albums with non-orkut friends by sending them an email, etc..


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