How to add a Google Blog Search in your Blog?

I have been using Technorati blog search add-in for Sree’s Tech Notes. Lately I find Technorati weaker and weaker as the blogosphere grows. Google Blog Search now performs much better than Technorati search, updates it’s indexes within minutes.

Technorati provides eazy to copy & paste code for incorporating their blog search engine to any blog. But I haven’t seen Google doing this. Anyway, I like the Google service and want to put it in my blog.

Here is the code I wrote to incorporate Google Blog Search in Sree’s Tech Notes blog.

<form class="search" action="" 
method="get" onsubmit="if(this.q.value=='Search Tech Notes')
{return false;}else{this.q.value=this.s.value+' 
<input type="text" size="18" name="s" value="Search Tech Notes" 
title="Enter Your Search Query Here" 
onfocus="if(this.value=='Search Tech Notes'){this.value=''};" 
onblur="if (this.value==''){this.value='Search Tech Notes'};" />&nbsp;
<input type="submit" value="Search"/>
<input type="hidden" name="q"/>


BTW, which blog search engine do you use? Why?


  1. Thanks Sree. I did it.

    I also added your code to my blog.I added ‘sourced from Sree Pillai’ linking to you post.

    Hope you have no issues :-))

    Thanks again.

  2. Dear Vivek,
    If you haven’t activated the PING/Notification service in Blogger control panel, please do so, in order for Google to notify blog search engines.

    You can also try

    Yes, the NavBar search offers much better functionality! But it does take extra space on the top, and may not look good i your design.

  3. Also In Blogger, the Navbar will have search box right. Yoru blog is not having it due to customization.But many blogs will have.

    If i have search box in my Nav Bar, will this piece of code be redundant?

  4. Hi Sree

    A query on Google Blog Search:

    If I blog search with the following key word – infosys, i m not getting all the posts in my blog which have Infosys in them.

    I am getting only older posts with infosys keyword.also in blog search, my old blog title is being displayed in the search results.Should I update something/somewhere to enable Google Blog Search to search the new posts as well.

  5. I use Google Blog Search because of “Google” brand :-))

    I am now planning to Ctrl C+Ctrl V the code snip of course, with little customization, for my blog 😉

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