F-Secure’s Mobile Security 7.5 with Parental Controls‎

The latest version of F-Secure Mobile Security provides improved security and parental control capabilities on Android devices to meet these challenges.

Today there are more younger users going online with their mobile devices than ever before. For example, in the UK almost half of teenagers have a smartphone* and the latest mobile apps spread like wildfire among youth. According to Nielsen**, apps are responsible for 56% of all activity on Android smartphones. However, not all apps are suitable for every age group and some apps also come from dubious sources that are trying to spread malware.

The number of new malware variants discovered during the third quarter of 2011 has doubled since the first half of the year. There is also a growing market for Android monitoring tools and spying programs which are available for purchase from both official and unofficial markets, as well as developer websites.

Enhanced Security – Fast Cloud Reputation Services

In December 2011, F-Secure’s award-winning anti-virus technologies will be complemented with new Cloud-Based reputation services that provide immediate information on whether a mobile application is considered safe to install. This is a fast and effective countermeasure to zero day malware attacks.

Taking this advanced pro-active mechanism into use F-Secure Mobile Security gives comprehensive protection against spying programs and the full range of other mobile threats. The end-user has one thing less to worry about as the reputation of the desired application is verified before installation.

Expanding Parental Control Capabilities

F-Secure’s new application control capability, Safe Applications , employs a simple tick-in-a-box system that makes it easy for parents to select the types of apps that cannot be used on a mobile device. For example, it can prevent the installation and use of social media or gambling apps. Any new application requires authorization by the parent.

The new feature of F-Secure Mobile Security, Safe Contacts, enables the user or parents to define a list of Safe Contacts and to control the calls, text messages and multi-media messages received. This protects the user from unwanted messages and calls, including advertising related spam, and mobile bullying and sexting.

New End User Portal supplements F-Secure Anti-Theft

F-Secure has also introduced a new End User Web Portal for users to access the product’s Anti-Theft features, in addition to using the existing SMS commands. The portal is accessible via web and mobile browsers, allowing users to launch key anti-theft operations like Remote Lock, Wipe, Locate, Alarm and Unlock from an intuitive web interface. The portal also makes it possible to manage multiple devices, for example all the family smartphones and tablets, under one account.

Mobile Security for RIM Devices

As an addition to the list of supported operating systems, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile,  F-Secure Mobile Security is delighted to introduce its BlackBerry Anti-Theft client for F-Secure’s operator partners , making available an even more  comprehensive line of security solutions. Should the RIM device be lost or stolen, users can remotely sound an alarm or lock the device to prevent unauthorized access to private information. This gives the user time to locate the device remotely using GPS, and also makes it possible to remotely wipe the data from the device if it cannot be recovered.


F-Secure Mobile Security is available at: www.f-secure.mobi and through F-Secure’s operator partners. F-Secure’s 7.5. Android client with new Cloud-Based reputation services will be available in December. New Blackberry client and new End User Portal for F-Secure Anti-Theft will be available through F-Secure’s operator partners only.

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