MTNL PC Protection with F-Secure for Rs 60 per Month

MTNL has entered into an alliance with F-secure to provide security as a service to its Broadband and Internet customers. As an inaugural offer, MTNL together with F-Secure will offer to all MTNL Broadband subscribers the MTNL PC protection free for first 30-days.

The MTNL and F-Secure partnership will provide customers a very high level of security including proactive protection through F-Secure’s unique DeepGuard technology. F-Secure is the first antivirus vendor in the world to release a real-time protection network for consumers that enables global protection within 60 seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat. This is based on F-Secure DeepGuard 2.0, a technology that uses “in-the-cloud” computing to provide instant protection against new threats. The F-secure product protects against viruses, malware, adware, spyware, firewall, URL ratings and includes parental protection and time based restriction in its premium version.

With a range of products available, the association will give MTNL customers the latest antivirus offering that is value maximizing and caters to their needs of online security. F-Secure’s Survey clearly shows that people rely on their security software for online safety and secure websites to ensure the safety of their online shopping and banking. Just over 20% realize that appropriate online behavior on their own part also plays a big role. Respondents in India (70%) relied on the security software they had purchased or the security service from their Internet Service Provider.

By offering a price of just Rs 2 per day (Rs 60 per month) for PC protection after the first 30 days of usage, the secure browsing experience for Internet users will now become easy and affordable. [source]

MTNL PC Protection offered by F-Secure, is always up-to-date. You receive new versions and security updates that are fast, regular and secure. This ensures the fastest protection against new threats. You can block undesired content for your children and view logs of the sites visited. The Time Lock feature lets you define at what time your children can access. It provides 360-degree Security, which means the software scans not only your PC, but also CDs,USB sticks,Internet surfing & downloads. F-Secure is ideal for ‘always-on’ broadband connection with protection against hackers, trojans, worms & other malware.


MTNL PC Protection includes the following security features:

  • Antivirus Protection gives peace of mind by securing the PC and its data by stopping viruses, worms and Trojans attacks via e-mail, web, floppy disks and CD-ROMS in real-time.
  • Anti-spyware protects from identity theft, computer problems, and slow Internet access by detecting and cleaning potential spyware, adware, Trojans and other threats.
  • Firewall Protection increases privacy and thwarts potential identity theft and Internet fraud by protecting your PC and data against hackers
  • Parental Control allows parents to better monitor and limit the types of material that can be accessed or viewed when children are surfing on the Internet.
  • Spam Control examines all inbound messages and sorts out junk e-mail from important e-mail and places unwanted messages in a special folder where you can review it or automatically delete it.

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