IMImobile and BPL Mobile to Help Mumbai Police Track Drunk Drivers

A few days ago, we wrote about how SMS can be used to reduce crime in India. Here is another example of how the latest technology can be very beneficial in keeping law and order.

Hyderabad based IMImobile announced that the company has teamed up with BPL Mobile to help Mumbai Police track drunk drivers.

IMImobile has developed a customised solution for the Police force with an easily accessible mobile database and interface to track repeat and new drunk drivers. BPL Mobile provides the network connectivity.

The police officers can get the information of previous convictions of drunk driving within a few seconds at the scene of the crime via their mobile phones. Police can check offenders’ records on the spot ensuring repeat offenders do not slip and new offenders are logged on the system.


The service is provided free of charge to Mumbai police and IMImobile hope to extend this solution to other parts of the country.

An added benefit of the solution is the fact the system is able to send out SMS alerts on known offenders to the entire police units, especially useful during busy festival season. The database is confidential with only top ranking officials having complete access. [source]

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