Enhance and Edit Images Using Active Pixels Photo Editor

Active pixels is a neat full-featured photo editor. Interesting auto enhance options (including shadow/hilight recovery), many filters, correction etc

Using the editor you can perform various tasks, from simple basic tasks to complex tasks. With Active pixels, you can edit existing images, create new works based on existing images, create new works from scratch and more.

Active pixels includes web-safe options. Supports more than 100 graphics formats. Active pixels is standard in the fields of Image Enhancing and Image Editing.

Several image correction functions are available, for brightness and contrast, for hue, saturation and lightness. for curves, equalize, gamma or palette. There are also some auto correction functions, such as auto white, auto enhance, Wallis filter and others.

The strongest feature of Active pixels is the layer support. Active Pixels allows to create white or transparent layers, move them (up or down), lock/unlock them, export them or add various effects such as drop shadow, emboss, outer glow, texturize, backlight, chrome or others.


  • Support near 30 graphic formats with large nomber of options (also multiframe ICO and animated GIF)
  • Import/export layers in PSD-format (Photoshop)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Multitasking[advt]
  • Filters support (now over 50 filters)
  • Alpha-channel full support (transparency) for all formats
  • Layers support with 33 render modes
  • Over 10 algorithm of picture resize
  • Selection by magicwand, lasso
  • Different color correction functions
  • Auto color correction
  • Canvas rotate and transform
  • Fast work with big images (over 5 mPix)
  • Brush, pencil, gradient, text and another instruments
  • Different additional functions – tile, crop
  • Color selector is more comfortable (HSB)
  • Undo/redo without any limitations

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