EmailTray – Email Notification Client for Windows

EmailTray is email notification tool that can monitor multiple email accounts and alert you when high priority messages arrive. It checks multiple accounts at the same time and notifies the user of new emails. The program analyzes your email messages and assigns a priority ranking to each (High,Low,None) based on your interaction with the sender.

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The program sorts emails in 4 categories, marking them Top Priority, Low Priority, No Priority or Spam. Classification is done based on your level of activity with a particular sender. The software also has the capability of rescuing any emails from the Spam folder.

EmailTray supports Webmail (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.), POP3 and IMAP systems and provides a smart setup wizard that makes it easy to set up your accounts. EmailTray shows important mail from all accounts on one list. It determines email importance based on user email habits and interconnections between senders. EmailTray also notifies you when it gets a top priority message only. It rescues good mail from Spam and returns it to a priority folder.


  • Easy management from one mail hub
  • Smart email ranking by importance
  • Notification for important (only) mail
  • Contacts’ details (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Good mail recovery from spam
  • Instant message search

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