Yoomba – Talk Unlimited Through your Email, Free

YoombaYoomba is an open communications experience that allows you to talk through your email, for totally free, globally, unlimited. Yoomba turns any email address into a phone and messenger. Released on Friday, July 13, 2007. Yoomba works with Outlook, Outlook Express, and webmails like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

To setup your Yoomba service, go to Yoomba.com and enter your primary email address. Yoomba will send you an activation email. Just click on the Activate link in the email. Let your browser download the web installer, and setup and configure Yoomba for you. The initial setup process might taken 2-15 minutes depending on your connection speed.

Yoomba buttons appear inside Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail next to any email address that you see in Internet Explorer, and in the Yoomba application.

There is no need for a new email address, a new ID, or another phone number. No need to add contacts to Yoomba. No need to invite your friends and make them register for a new service. All your contacts from your Outlook or Hotmail/Yahoo Mail/Gmail and others will be available in Yoomba for immediate calling and instant messaging.

The Yoomba application brings together all of your contacts and email addresses on your computer, for easy, one-click communications. In addition, anyone new that you call/chat, will automatically show up in the Yoomba application.

Yoomba sounds great. I started using it just now. Hope this software is well tested and very much secure. This being a peer-to-peer connection, there are chances of bugs and viruses coming in.

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