Editing Photos in a Funny Way Using Pikipimp

PikiPimp is an online photo editor service to have fun editing photos. You can upload your photos, add some bling to your pictures and create personalized t-shirts.


Pikipimp allows users to upload image by taking the option Upload/select; you can select an image from your computer/gallery you wish to pimp your image and then customize photos by dragging and dropping pre-made objects like hats, wigs, bikinis, modify hairstyles, and even add scars and speech bubbles.

It offers very simple editing tools, but is heavy on adding “bling,” text, glitter and animations. When you’re editing and resizing the images may at times be blurry or pixelated to reduce load time, but clicking the “preview image” button will show the sharpened final result.

With Pikipimp photos and objects can be rotated, flipped, transparency set, cropped, and height and width changed etc. Pikipimp gives you code to embed the image into your website or social network, download it, or email it out to friends.

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