DuBaron CD2ISO – Tool Which Extract the Contents of CD or DVD

DuBaron CD2ISO is a simple tool with which you can extract the contents of a CD or DVD and save them to your hard drive as an ISO file. It will read any drive as raw disk, so you can also use it to make a sector dump of a removable drive (cd, dvd or floppy).
Cd2iso works very straight-forward. It will dump raw sectors of a filesystem. You do not need any additional dll files. You can use it to make iso dumps of a CD or DVD drive, and to verify the checksum of existing or just-burned disks.

Download DuBaron CD2ISO

[advt]Using DuBaron CD2ISO is really easy. It doesn’t even require installation. Simply insert the disk you want to extract to ISO and select a location and name for the file. Then click the Go button and DuBaron CD2ISO will start its job.

DuBaron CD2ISO reads any drive as raw disks, which means you can also use it to create a sector dump of a removable drive. What the tool isn’t valid for is copying protected CDs, extracting songs from audio CDs or fixing corrupt disks.

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