Download Win32Pad – Advanced Notepad Text Editor

Win32Pad is a feature filled text editor that is written with a programmer in mind. Its main purpose is to provide enough functionality that is missing from notepad without sacrificing file size and performance. It’s very fast and powerful. This advanced editor is written so that you can install it and start using it. The features are added to make your experience better, easier and more efficient.

Download Win32Pad


  • Filesize is limited to the available memory. (not 64k)
  • Recent Files list.
  • 32k executable size. (C & win32 api)
  • Auto-indent & Tab Size (2..8) support.
  • Standard toolbar and statusbar. (You can show/hide each)
  • Supports WIN (default) and UNIX file formats (read/write).
  • Line Numbers.
  • [advt]File change notification.
  • “Smart” Home.
  • “.LOG” files support.

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