Blogilo – Free Blogging Client

Blogilo is an open source free blogging client that allows users to create, publish and edit posts from their desktop. It is previously called Bilbo. In the Bilbo 1.0 Greenway, several bugs are fixed including the timestamps bug, API problem when fetching posts, better error messages, paragraph spacing, and toolbox show/hide functionality. The enable/disable spell checker is added to the Bilbo configuration page.

Download Blogilo 


  • Includes a WYSIWYG editor with all the features
  • Includes a HTML editor
  • Supports any blog system that is compliant with Blogger , MetaWeblog, Movable Type
  • Users can preview the blog post in the actual template of the blog
  • [advt]Users can create, modify, and delete the posts.
  • Users can create an entry and save it as a draft and publish it in the future
  • It has the ability to fetch recent blog entries.
  • Save copies of the entries into local directories before it is published on the blog
  • The integrated KDE spell checker supports most languages.

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