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TeXstudio is a cross platform open source LaTeX editor with an interface similar to Texmaker. Texmaker is another cross-platform open source LaTeX editor with a clean interface and an integrated PDF viewer. It is a LaTeX IDE which provides modern writing support such as interactive spell checking, code folding and syntax highlighting.

image: TeXstudio screenshot

Originally it was called TexMakerX, because TeXstudio was started as a small set of extensions to Texmaker while keeping its look and feel. TeXstudio runs on Windows, Unix/Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X and is licensed under the GPL v2. Since it is an open source application, users have the freedom to use and to modify TeXstudio.

What is LaTeX ?

LaTeX is a document markup language and document preparation system for the ‘TeX typesetting program‘. Also used as the primary method of displaying formulas on Wikipedia. LaTeX offers programmable desktop publishing features and facilities for automation of typesetting & desktop publishing, including numbering & cross referencing, tables & figures, page layout & bibliographies etc.

The Features of TeXstudio

image: autocompletion

TeXstudio features block cursors, auto completion and bookmarks for comfortable editing. It also features customizable menus, toolbars & shortcuts. Also TeXstudio features scripting support and direct access to many LaTeX tags and more than 1000 mathematical symbols.

TeXstudio allows to overlay links and it features context menus. It also allows to jump to error locations. It offers assistants for images, tables, formulas etc. Also the TeXstudio has drag & drop support for images. Users can format tables in TeXstudio. Also templates are available with the system.

image: inline checking

TeXstudio allows structure view to generate structures from logically connected tables. It also allows code folding to selectively hide and display sections of a currently edited file. The other features includes advanced syntax highlighting, interactive spellchecker, grammar checker & reference checker and clear display of LaTeX errors & warnings.

image: error highlighting

[advt]TeXstudio offers inbuilt support for various LaTeX compilers, index, bibliography & glossary tools, Latexmk etc. It has automatic detection feature to find the need for multiple LaTeX runs. Also users can run any program they like with TeXstudio. It is completely customizable for the creation of the complete document.

TeXstudio also has integrated PDF viewer with word level syncing, live update of inline preview for formulas and code segments and tooltip preview for included images.

Setting up the TeXstudio software is easy, since the installers or packages are available for Windows, Linux and an experimental version for Mac OS X. Also a portable USB version of TeXstudio is available too. It has automatic detection of MikTeX, TeX Live, Ghostscript & Standardlatex and provides support for SVN (Apache Subversion).

To Download TeXstudio, Click Here.

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