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HideWin is a small Windows program designed to hide windows from view. It is particularly useful for removing the message banners/advertisements/popup windows placed on screen by numerous ISPs and web sites, but can be used to hide any windows created by any program. Unlike other programs that “kill” these windows, HideWin simply hides them from view. Sometimes, killing a window can be counterproductive.

HideWin will hide any windows whose title and/or class match strings that you specify. A window’s title is the text displayed in its title bar. Specifying a title is usually sufficient to identify and hide windows. Simply type the title of the window you want to hide and click the “Add” button. When specifying a window title, capitalization and spacing are important.

[advt]HideWin continually searches for and hides windows. Enter the number of milliseconds to pause between searches in the “Hide Frequency” box.

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