Download StatusNet – Open Source Social Software for Problem Solving

StatusNet is a Open Source social software enables organizations to collaborate, share insights and build relationships in real time. It is fueling business innovation. From internal sharing, problem solving and team building to external engagement, social software creates an open environment for collaboration.

Its OnDemand and OnPremise options power collaboration for small teams and global corporations. Quickly and easily implemented, robust and extensible platform capable of evolving with your needs. It is also a FLOSS microblogging server written in PHP that implements the OStatus standard for interoperation between installations.

Download StatusNet


  • [advt]Updates via a XMPP/Jabber/Google Talk client
  • OpenID authentication
  • Federation support, which provides the ability to subscribe to notices by users on a remote service through the OpenMicroBlogging protocol
  • SMS updates and notifications
  • A Twitter-compatible API
  • Hashtags
  • Multilingual interface (using Gettext)
  • Cross-posting to Twitter
  • Facebook integration
  • Groups (Bangtags)
  • Automatic URL-shortening
  • Geolocations and maps
  • Live update of stream
  • Attachments (add files, images, video, audio to dents)
  • Embedding of content from other sites, like YouTube, Flickr, etc.
  • Implementation of Salmon Protocol





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