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Radian6’s social media monitoring software helps businesses listen, discover, measure and engage in conversations across the social web. Radian6’s software platform captures hundreds of millions of posts each day, including the full Twitter firehose, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites. Clients explore real-time results on an interactive dashboard, use Radian6 Insights to discover meaningful and actionable intelligence, and act on this intelligence using Radian6’s Engagement Console.

Radian6 supports

  • [advt]Breadth of Coverage – Every day, deliver over eight million  relevant results to the customers, pulled from a much larger set of scanned results.
  • Ease of Use –The Radian6 platform is designed to be easy to use and navigate for a novice, but powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of the most advanced user.
  • Comprehensive Analytics – Gathering data is one thing. Analyzing it is another. From trends and influencer analysis to deep filtering, social media metrics, and data segmentation, it give you myriad ways to drill down into your data and understand how the social web is impacting your business.
  • Go beyond raw information with Insights – Radian6 Insights platform takes the industry’s best social media monitoring system and combines it with leading insights vendors to bring new understanding to the social web. Discover key intelligence like demographics, influence, geolocation, enhanced sentiment and topic analysis to help drive your decision-making process.
  • Workflow Capabilities –Radian6 helps you scale social media listening and engagement throughout the company with the workflow capabilities. Assign and route posts, tag results with relevant information, classify and mark action status on items, and receive email or IM alerts for new posts in your topic profiles. You can even stay in touch on the go with Radian6 Mobile.

Radian6 has created a growing collection of social media case studies, ebooks, white papers, webinars and videos.

Radian6 Insights takes a step to reshape the social media monitoring landscape. This integrated platform takes the Radian6 social media monitoring solution and combines it with leading Insights partners to bring new understanding to social media.

Radian6 Insights provide an additional level of information to posts and sources, including demographics, influence, geolocation, sentiment and topic categorization. This offers our clients the opportunity to listen, discover, measure and engage like never before.

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