Download Samsung ChatON Cross-Platform Messenger for Android

Samsung’s own cross-messaging service ChatON is now available for android users. Samsung ChatON messaging tool is a service designed by Samsung to enables users enjoy messaging on a variety of platforms using the same tool. Users can chat with other users over ChatON on not just Samsung phones but many other popular platforms including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

Download ChatON Android App


ChatON brings together all of these methods of communication, expression, and sharing in one place:

  • ChatON supports many platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON – Currently, ChatON supports Android, bada, Samsung feature phones, and it will support iOS, and Blackberry OS soon.
  • ChatON provides multiple ways to make your communication richer. – 1:1 Chat, group chat, broadcasts, animation messages, pictures, videos, audio, location info, contacts, calendar.
  • [advt]Using ChatON, create your own unique animated message by drawing.
  • ChatON provides group management features for easy group chats.
  • ChatON provides an interaction rank which tells you how often you chat with your buddies
  • In every chat room, you can easily see all sent images and videos in a trunk
  • Got something to say to your buddies? Use Buddies say


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