Ginipic – Free Online Image Searching Application

Ginipic is a free image searching application to search pictures online, and in your local image collection. Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously. Find what you’re looking for and use it instantly in your own creation – document, presentation, art work – you name it.

Users need to follow three steps to get the desired images from web:

Search: Users can simply type in the query in the search box and within no time Ginipic displays the results in thumbnail size. It also filters duplicates before displaying the search results. Users can even search their local computers for photos/images. To widen the search options Ginipic offers the “All sources” option which results in searching unlimited photos.

Preview: This window helps the users view the results in a size that they want. Users can use the in built size options – Thumbnail, Small or Medium; or can resize the photos according to their will. It also displays all the information about the image like size, usage rights, type etc.

Use: Once users have searched and modified the images of their choice they can save it, share it, set it as wallpaper or embed the picture in posts/blogs etc.

Download Ginipic 


  • Compatible on all Windows Platforms
  • Supports drag and drop functionality
  • Can display lot of images on one page
  • Supports photo tagging
  • [advt]Users can search for image search engines, pictures on local network or images on websites which offer photo-sharing
  • Photos can be embedded in blogs by using the “copy to clipboard” option and then pasting it in the HTML
  • Almost hundred image search results are displayed on a single page

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