Download RockeTalk App For Nokia Phones

Rocketalk LogoRockeTalk app for your Nokia phone allows you to meet exciting new people, do instant voice & picture chat, join vibrant communities, connect to instant messengers, free galleries and mobile downloads.

Meet new people using FREE, unlimited voice chat, video chat and photo chat. Make friends by participating in buzzing communities. Check out free audio, video & photo galleries. Check out the profiles of your preferred sex. Chat on Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, GTalk messenger & AOL messenger with your friends. Participate in contests & win prizes!

RockeTalk offers a wide variety of means to chat and connect with other members of the site, including the ability to post and share photos, but you can also share short videos of yourself, and record your own personal audio message as a part of your personal profile to introduce yourself to the rest of the world.

Download RockeTalk App for Nokia Phone

[advt]The homescreen view is clear and easy to follow, and then if you are in a different section of the site, the view changes to a tabbed-based navigation, where all of the main functions are listed across the top of the screen.

Browsing the profiles of other members is self-explanatory, and you can request connections to new people that you want to meet with a single click. There are also thousands of “communities” that you can join – almost too many to scroll through, but there is a search function so you can try to find groups that may interest you based on keywords.

The “Fun Zones” includes the opportunity to find wallpapers and ringtones; and you can send a wide variety of free, animated e-cards to your friends. RockeTalk also hosts regular contests online with things like quizzes and opinion polls.

Another great feature of RockeTalk is that it integrates instant messaging functionality from all of the major services, as you can see below. You simply add the log-in credentials for each service that you want to use.

The app is free, but you do need to be connected to the Internet to run it. Once it is running, and assuming you have an unlimited data plan on your mobile, you can leave RockeTalk running in the background, and set it to give you periodic notifications if a new message has come in for you to view.

RockeTalk is compatible with a huge range of Nokia devices (both S60 and Series 40). This might begin to explain why the service already has more than 1.5 million registered users worldwide, many of whom reportedly are living in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United States and UK.

RockeTalk is free to download from Ovi Store.

What can RockeTalk do for you?
  • Meet New People: Meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone.
  • Instant voice & picture chat: share your world with your new and existing friends using voice & picture chat
  • Free galleries & mobile downloads:Step in to free galleries and view amazing content posted by other users, or post your own creations. Download loads of cool stuff for your phone…ringtones, videos, wallpapers and more!
  • Vibrant communities: Join one of the vibrant communities buzzing with voices, pictures and more. Or start your own community.
  • Instant messengers: Connect to your instant messengers like Yahoo!, MSN & Google Talk! No need to stay attached to the desktop to stay connected with your friends

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