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PBworks is the world’s largest provider of hosted collaboration solutions for business and education. It  host over one million team workspaces, serve millions of users per month. The company operates on a freemium basis, with basic features being offered for free and more advanced features for a fee. Create documents, manage projects, and share files as a seamless team. Your files, tasks, and institutional knowledge are accessible anywhere in an easy-to-use online platform.

Education Features

Collaborative Editing

Encourage group projects by allowing students to edit pages and contribute to classroom discussions.

Complete History and Audit Trail

PBworks keeps a complete audit trail of every change made to your workspace. See who changed what. Reverse any change with one click.  PBworks allows you to maintain full accountability of your students.

Easily invite Students

Inviting students with email or use Classroom Accounts for students without email addresses. No complicated user provisioning and no more waiting for IT. Inviting users is easy.


Access Controls

[advt]Control the access level of your students for the entire workspace. PBworks includes workspace-wide access levels (Reader, Writer, Editor, and Administrator) so you can determine which students can read or edit your workspace.

Page- and Folder-level Access (Premium)

In addition to workspace-wide access level, you can also control which specific pages students can view or edit. You can set access controls on specific pages, or groups of pages. Only the people you choose can see pages with security settings.

Hideable and Lockable Pages (Premium)

Hide pages so only administrators can view or edit. Or lock a page so only administrators can edit. Lock your syllabus so all students can view but not make changes!


Multimedia Plugins

Use PBworks Plugins to add multimedia content with a few clicks, include images, videos, photo slideshows, and more! Almost any online tool with an embed code can be used in PBworks.

Color Choice

Choose from 9 custom colors. Premium users have unlimited color choices, and can upload a logo to brand their workspace as a school resource.

Upload a logo and PBworks will automatically match the look and feel of your workspace to the logo.

Customizable Templates

Add templates to your workspace and stop re-creating your work! Perfect for re-used pages like homework pages, assignments, and student bios.



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