Download Paper War for 2 Players Game for Android

Paper War for 2 Players is a game for android were there is 2 Player Reactor for killing boring time between boys and girls. Here you need multitouch screen to play the game. For 2 player mode, there are 3 game modes. Shoot mode, cannon mode and tap mode. For 1 player mode, you can try to see how many waves you can survive under the paper war.

Download Paper War for 2 Players for Android

Gaming Mode[androidqrcode:]

  • Shoot mode: You’ll challenge your friend with your cannon on the same device. Shoot the same color of items to get more points. Points will be deducted when shot the wrong color’s item. Winner will be the one who first get 100 points.
  • Tap mode: Tap the same color of ships to gain points. First meet 100 points wins.
  • Cannon mode: Two cannons will attack each other with parabolic bullets. First meet 100 points wins.

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