Download KAR Energy Software – Reduce Power Consumption of Your PC

KAR Energy Software is a software which drastically reduces the power consumption of your computer (or laptop) over than 48% in 3 different ways:

  • CPU cooling
  • By reducing the frequency of the processor
  • By putting the computer into standby

Thus, through KAR Energy Software you save money when you use your computer. It is use in Windows operatingsystem / platform.

Download KAR Energy Software

KAR Energy Software in 10 points:

  •  48% consumption reduction.
  •  Free update for life, free support and no subscription.
  • [advt] No Internet connection need.
  •  Accelerates the performance of your computer.
  •  Customize actual consumption of RAM and processor speed.
  •  Reduces the startup time of your PC.
  •  Lowers the temperature of your processor.
  •  Extends life of Equipment.
  •  Increases Battery Life.
  •  Switch on the PC thanks to “Wake ON Timer”.

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