Download Games on Vodafone Mobile Phone for Free – SMS “SUPER” to 111

Vodafone 2G and 3G customers can now download games for free on Vodafone. Get into your gaming gear because till the 29th of April. Choose from a range of action packed games and let the fun begin. You can download up to 5 exciting free games per day from the pool of games available on the page. The offer is valid only on devices where Vodafone live! works.

It’s simple! All you need to do is:

  1. [advt]SMS “SUPER” to 111
  2. You’ll get a message with the link to the Super Weeks page –
  3. On that page, you’ll get a link to access all the free games you want!


  • BlackBerry users are requested to open this page by copy pasting the link on your Vodafone live! browser.
  • Accessing this site may incur extra charges.
  • Campaign is only valid for one week from 00:00:00 hours Saturday 23rd April to 11:59:59 PM Friday 29th April 2011.
  • The offer is not valid for game downloads from any external site. To access the offer, you need to access the “free game zone” available on Vodafone live, or pull the url by sending “SUPER” to 111.
  • For games in the free page zone, you will not be charged for the game or the data access required to download the game.
  • Vodafone has tried to provide games on best effort basis but all handsets may not support the games offered as a part of the free offer.[source]
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