Build Thin Clients or Diskless Workstations – Download PXES

PXES is a micro Linux distribution allowing you to build thin clients or diskless workstations. Hardware not suitable for other uses like current desktop OS can be recycled and converted into a thin client. Now it is also known as 2X ThinClientServer.

The configuration of the micro distribution is done with an easy to use graphical tool which guides you through the required steps. After booting the thin client will be capable of accessing any Unix/Linux XDM (X Display Manager) server presenting the graphical login screen or any Microsoft Terminal Server through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), Citrix ICA server, VNC server or NoMachine NX.

This approach doesn’t use NFS (Network File System) making it ideal to access Microsoft Terminal Server without the need of deploying a Unix/Linux NFS server or accessing services over low speed connections presents in WAN or Internet VPN environments.

It has no local devices, such diskette, cd-rom or hard disks are needed, it can reduce the change of virus and security incidents, as well as lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). If needed, you can configure the clients to use sound, local print services, USB, cd-rom, etc.

Download PXES


  • [advt]Convert existing PCs to thin clients
  • Centrally manage connection settings by user, group or department
  • Boot clients via PXE, hard disk, CD-ROM or USB
  • Limit users to 2X and Citrix published applications, with VMware View desktops
  • Thin client and PC vendor-independent
  • Low-cost thin client compatibility
  • Active Directory integration
  • Multiple location support
  • 2X ApplicationServer, 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X LoadBalancer support
  • Support for printer and sound redirection in 2X-published applications
  • Printer, mass storage and smart card device support
  • Real-time monitoring for administrators
  • Web-based management console
  • Detailed auditing of all management modifications
  • SSL support for 2X solutions
  • Windows desktop look and feel
  • User session autologon and shadowing support
  • User and client usage reporting
  • Automatic update notification
  • Configuration backup support
  • Integrates with external SQL servers (MS SQL or mySQL) and uses and internal database
  • Supports different versions of the 2X ThinClient OS for easy migration to newer OS versions

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