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FBDownloader is free Facebook photo album download software that can download your tagged photos, friend photos and albums from facebook directly to your PC. Basically all that you have to do is login to your Facebook account and select the images to download and you’re good to go. So, if you want a tool to help you download your photos with just a click, then take FBDownloader for a spin and see if its capabilities are enough to satisfy your needs. It can be installed on your PC, and then you can link it to your Facebook account to download Facebook photo albums.

Download FBDownloader

Features of FBDownloader:

  • [advt]Download Facebook photos and albums
  • Download the photos you tagged in
  • Download Facebook tagged photos
  • Download your friends’ photos
  • Download Facebook friends’ photos

 It has 3 options:

  • Your Tagged Photos: This option will download all the photos from Facebook in which you have been tagged. The photos can be saved on your computer on a location of your choice.
  • All your Photo Albums: When you select this option, it shows all the photo albums that you have in Facebook. With each album, it also shows number of photos that are present in that. Each album shows an option for Download. Just click on that, and it will download all the photos from that Facebook photo album.
  • Your friends’ photos: Selecting this option will download all the photos of your Facebook friends.

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