Download Epic Browser, the Indian Web Browser with Side Apps

Epic Browser is the first ever web browser for India. Yes, the Indian browser! It claims to be the world’s only web browser with side apps. The Epic Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox core and developed by Hidden Reflex. The Epic Browser boasts many first to its credit like inbuilt antivirus scanner , word processor (Epic Write), 1500+ themes and wallpapers , 1500+ more apps, anti phishing protection , malicious website warnings and many more.

The striking feature of the browser is the sidebar apps. Now you can listen to the latest music , watch your favorite videos without compromising your browsing experience. The sidebar apps provides the user with the flexiblity to add new apps of his own choice and have a whole new browsing experience.

The Epic browser features the first integrated virus protection in a browser powered by ESET. The browser has individual help available for every app. So Epic is the ultimate browser to satisfy all web users browsing need for news, sports, stock quotes, live cricket news, jobs and indic transliteration.

Epic free web browser is currently available only for windows operating system. The size of the browser is just 10 MB and can be installed within minutes. The antivirus that comes bundled with epic has the option to scan the computer and folders on demand. The antivirus pack is approximately 25 MB in size.

Get the latest version of Epic –Epic 1.2 which is Faster, Leaner and Meaner.

Existing Epic users click on “Help” in Epic’s menu bar, then “Check for Updates” to update Epic to the latest version.

Mac and Linux versions of Epic are in progress. To get an alert as soon as they’re available, sign up.

How to Search the Web Using Epic Browser?

Steps to search the web with Epic:

  1. Open the downloaded Epic browser on your system.
  2. On the Tools menu, select Web Search and Click web search.
  3. This will take you to the web search bar. Type-in the required keyword in the address bar, and hit enter on the keyboard. Then the respective Google links will open in the current tab.

How can we use Anti Virus in Epic?

The Epic browser has built-in Anti Virus and Anti Spyware scanning. These scans will help the user in detecting and removing the viruses and malwares from his system.
Steps to use Anti Virus:

  1. Click Anti Virus (AV)  in the Epic to open the AV in the sidebar.
  2. To scan the computer, click the button Scan My System.
  3. To scan the folders, click the button Scan My Folders and select the relevant folder you want to scan.
  4. To scan all the downloaded files/images on your computer, select the check box Scan My Downloads.

Importing Bookmarks from another browser to Epic

When you first start using Epic, you don’t have to start with a blank slate, You can import all your stuff like your browsing history, search engines, bookmarks and passwords from your old browser into Epic. Follow these steps (for Windows):

  1. Open Epic browser.
  2. Click the File menu.
  3. Click Imports.
  4. In the Import Wizard window, select the option from which you want to import Bookmarks, History, Passwords and other data.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Select Items to Import section, check the checkbox Bookmarks, and then click Next.
  7. Click Finish.

Epic Apps

Here we will list out some of the apps that epic browser provides to its users.

Epic India App

Epic India is the application with which the user can get all the information about India such as Regional, National and International news. Epic India has information on various topics like Bollywood, Shopping, Local Events, Videos, Travel, Job Opportunities, Stock Market, Cricket, Daily tidbits and more.

My Computer App

My Computer app in Epic helps the user to access the files, folders on your system in the sidebar. You can access, cut, copy, paste, delete and see the hidden files in the sidebar. With the help of Browse button the user can browse the existing files, folders in the computer.

To DO App

The main purpose of To Do app is to remind the user to complete the task/work in time. The user can set an alert for each and individual task to finish. Epic stores the history of the tasks you accomplish.

Timer App

The Timer app in the Epic is used to set timers and alerts and use the stopwatch to keep track of the engagements. The alerts can be set to remind you, once or everyday at the designated time. Here you can set an alert with a message, alert tone and can save your alerts.

Map App

Through Epic the user can instantaneously get the maps across the world and can get the driving directions for different locations. To get the directions click the Maps icon in the sidebar and Enter Start address and Enter Destination address in the provided textboxes.

Backup App

Backup app helps the user to get the Backup of your documents from the computer to your Mail. With help of the file manager interface the user can upload and download the files/folders. The only thing the user need is a Gmail account to use the Backup app.

Snippet App

Snippet is a simple but powerful tool to save the text/images from the web pages and add your own notes to the labels.

Skin App

The main advantage of Epic Skins is that the user can control its appearance. Skins app has theme for header, sidebar, footer and wallpaper for the browsing page. There are thousands of Skins available like Regional, Films, Music, Culture, Sports, Politics and more.

Collection App

Collection app is used to save group of your favorite websites. All the saved websites will be opened with a single click.

Bookmark App

Bookmark app searches and manages all your bookmarks. Keep this sidebar open for easy and unobtrusive access of the bookmarked websites.

History App

With the History app , Epic saves your browsing history i.e., the web pages searched and browsed. To delete the browsing history, click Clear Browsing data icon  at the top of the Epic address bar. To browse the data in the private mode, click Enter the private browsing mode icon at the top of the Epic address bar.

You can build sidebar App for Epic.

You have two options.

Web App. This is the simpler option. In this case, you need to re-design or build your web app in a thin format. Specifically you need to send us a url to a webpage that has a width ideally of 320 pixels and no more than 340 pixels. We can then simply embed the web url in a sidebar in Epic.

Mozilla Add-On App. If you’d like to develop an app that interacts more deeply with the browser, you can use XUL, XBL, XPcom and other Mozilla technologies to build an app that installs as an add-on for Mozilla.


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