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Chaos Manager features an appointment manager, a calendar, a contact list and a notebook. The appointment manager can alert you by playing a sound file when an appointment is due. The notebook supports rich text formatting and hyperlinks. The database can be synchronized via Internet, or optionally password protected and encrypted.
Download Chaos Manager

Chaos Manager key features.

  • Appointment manager, a reminder pops-up and plays a random wav-file when an appointment has reached it’s deadline or reminder setting (optional).
  • National holidays and observances can be downloaded (or created) for the calendar.
  • When moving mouse over a calendar date you will get a quick summary of the events of that specific date.
  • Find search appointments, notebook and contacts (all fields).
  • Optional password protection.
  • Data encryption so no one can peak into the data files.
  • Simple look and feel and easy to use.
  • Optional recurring appointments.
  • A reminder can be configured to pop-up before an appointment has reached it’s deadline.
  • Snooze option when reminder pops-up.
  • Optional email forwarding of appointments.
  • Customize program layout (background, font, resizable etc).
  • Skinable, supports alphablending and more (CM ships with 22 skins).
  • Each appointment and contact can have an optional symbolic icon.
  • Contacts can be sorted by groups. You can add your own groups.
  • [advt]The contact list can be filtered by groups.
  • Contact field names are customizable.
  • Import/export from/to the Pocket PC version of Chaos Manager.
  • Import/export/print option (can for example import from outlook).
  • Import/export is based on .csv (appointments and contacts).
  • Synchronize via internet option (example: synchronize your CM at work and at home).
  • Optional minimize to system-tray.
  • No limits on number of appointments, contacts, notes, text field size etc.
  • Multi-monitor support.

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