– Send Free SMS Messages to Any Mobile Phone in the U.S.

Cherple, a service from San Diego based Globaltel Media, enables you to send free SMS to any U.S. cell phone number. Cherple 1.5 offers a useful buddy list that remembers the last five phone numbers texted from the PC. Cherple is in use in more than 150 countries to send two-way SMS messages to any U.S. mobile phone.

Cherple is a no-fee, no-subscription way to stay connected on-line, anywhere in the world with friends and family in the U.S. through SMS text messages. The expanded features are the most requested items from our growing Cherple user base.

Send SMS Messages to U S Mobile Phone


A free desktop download for PC or Mac, Cherple 1.5 connects any computer with Internet access worldwide to any U.S. mobile phone via back-and-forth SMS text messaging. There are few other services that provide true two-way SMS communication between the PC and a cell phone and those that do require registration and carrier identification prior to using their services. Cherple requires no registration and works across all carriers in the United States without the need for any pre identification.

Cherple has a desktop version of its software that doesn’t require a web browser so you can always access Cherple from your desktop. All you need is a live Internet connection to make it work. To get your own desktop version of Cherple, start the download process for Windows or Mac.

In year-and-a-half since its initial launch, Cherple has been downloaded or used from the Cherple website more than 50,000 times from 154 countries, all at no charge to the PC user. Cherple1.5 is available from the website as a free download and is also available as a code snippet that can be used to place a fully functional version of the application on a web page, blog or social media page.

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