Dooster – Online Project Management and Collaboration Tool

Dooster is an online project management and collaboration tool designed to save you from being overwhelmed by your tasks, appointments and emails while keeping important data, like contacts, schedules, emails and documents always close to hand and under one roof.

Dooster is for managing group projects and tasks and you can create projects, create to-do lists, add deadlines and manage contacts. Tasks and emails can also be prioritized and assigned to different team members using this online project management software. Dooster also has some amazing features, like the ability to create project templates and move an entire list of tasks from one project to another in a single action.


  • Files and documents can be stored in central location
  • Necessary files can be retrieved with a single click of mouse without wasting your time and energy
  • You can use it anywhere as it is a web based application
  • You can easily download or upload a file
  • Dooster has great security features as only those users can access the file who have the right to use them

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