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Pandoc is a free document conversion software. With the help of Pandoc you can convert files from one markup to the other. You can convert a markdown file to a man page and many such conversions are possible with the help of this software. This free document converter does all the document markup conversion from command line.

Download Pandoc


  • LaTex to DocBook conversion is possible with the help of this software.
  • Same way you can convert an HTML file to a MediaWiki file.
  • Pandoc is able to understand most of the markdown syntax extensions such as: footnotes; delimited code blocks; strikeout; definition lists; document metadata (with the information like title, author, date); enhanced ordered lists (here starting number and numbering style are important); tables; markdown inside HTML blocks; superscript and subscript; and TeX math.
  • Pandoc is capable of reading markdown and the sub sets of LaTex, HTML and reStructuredText.
  • Using the markdown2pdf wrapper script you can create a PDF output via LaTex.
  • In case if you want the markdown compatibility you can use the command-line flag to turn off all the extensions.
  • Pandoc is able to write the following: write plain text, EPUB ebooks, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, RTF, ConTeXt , DocBook XML, markdown, OpenDocument XML, MediaWiki markup, groff man pages, S5, ODT, GNU Texinfo and Slidy HTML slide shows .
  • For every input and output format, the library includes a separate module. Therefore you just need to add a module to include a new input or output format.

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