Track and Improve Quality of Sleep on Smart Phone – Zeo Sleep Manager

zeo-sleep-manager-logoZeo is a comprehensive system that helps you to track and improve your sleep using your iPhone or Android smartphone. Zeo Sleep Manager – mobile uses the same SoftWave technology used in the Zeo Bedside device to enable you to get the highest quality sleep measurement system available. It works with Works with iOS and Android operating systems.

Zeo Sleep Manager is the only consumer sleep tracking system with scientifically-proven accuracy that measures actual sleep phases, including Light, Deep and REM sleep, providing a complete and accurate picture of users’ sleep. Zeo uses a comfortable and highly accurate wireless headband equipped with SoftWave sensor technology to track your sleep phases through night and provide a nightly ZQ score, a customized sleep quality score. Each morning Zeo shows you right on your smartphone how you slept, including how much time you spent in REM and Deep sleep, which are critical for mental clarity, physical well-being and peak performance. Zeo also gives you an overall sleep score you can track over time.


  • The Zeo Sleep Manager mobile app is designed for iPhone and Android smartphones (see complete list of compatible devices).
  • Adjustable SoftWave sensor headband is lightweight, comfortable and portable.
  • TruTrak tracks your sleep quality with scientifically proven accuracy, including REM and Deep sleep.
  • SmartWake Alarm gently wakes you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. Never wake up late, always wake refreshed.
  • ZQ Sleep Score summarizes your sleep quality in a single objective number.
  • Analyze your sleep patterns using Zeo’s mobile app, online tools and expert sleep coaching program.
  • Find and adjust factors that are stealing your Deep, REM and total sleep time.


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