DOCOMICS – Manga and Marvel Comics to Your Tata Docomo Mobile

Tata Docomo has partnered with NTT Docomo to offer world renowned Manga and Marvel comics to Tata Docomo customers in India, under the brand name DOCOMICS.

In India, the market for mobile comics is significant with the number of customers with rich-media devices increasing rapidly.

DOCOMICS is the service brand for reading mobile comics through a viewer application. Subscribers can view the mobile comic content frame by frame through a viewr application or download the same from WAP site.

As an introductory offer Tata DOCOMO customers will be charged only Rs 15 per comic chapter and there will be no data charges in home network.


Tata Docomo has recently announced unique m-Comics service, wherein customers could read full comics books, along with special effects like character vibration, sounds, zooming text bubbles, and above all downloads smoothly on a 2.5 Edge Network.

Docomics would entertain the readers with popular Marvel titles like Spider-Man, X-Men, Civil War and Japanese Manga titles like GEOBREEDERS, TAMAHAGANE, AQUA PLANET CHRONICLE, Silent Mobius Complete Edition and SHINESMAN. [press release]

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