BuddyNet -Talk to Your TATA DOCOMO Buddies at 1 paise / 6 seconds

BuddyNetTATA DOCOMO has introduced a new scheme for its prepaid customer across all circles. Tata Docomo subscribers can invite their friends to BuddyNet and stay connected to all of them and talk unlimited with unlimited Buddies paying just 1 paisa per 6 seconds (1p/6 Sec) for local and 1 paisa/2 seconds (1p/2sec) for STD calls 24×7 without any limit.

Any existing or new Tata DOCOMO Prepay customer can join BuddyNet. Once you are in BuddyNet, all you need to do is invite your friends to join the BuddyNet. You will get 50 SMS Free for inviting your friends! There is No Limit to the number of buddies you can connect with.

It’s not just your friends, but everyone who has joined BuddyNet get the special tariff when they speak to each other.

When you call any friend on BuddyNet, you pay 1p/6 Sec in your local circle and 2p/Sec in other circles. This rate is applicable to calls to those who are in the Tata Docomo BuddyNet.

How much you have to pay for being in the BuddyNet? You need to pay to be connected to all your buddies is Rs 7 per week.

If you are an existing Tata DOCOMO Customer, as an introductory offer, you can enjoy the priviledges of BuddyNet for Free for the First Month.

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