Tata Docomo Name Tunes Service – Greet Callers With Your Name

TATA DOCOMO has partnered with mCarbon to launch the first of its kind service in the telecom VAS space called Name Tunes. Name Tunes allows subscriber to greet callers with his/her Name & personalized message of their choice from a set your template messages, instead of listening to a traditional Tring-Tring or musical caller tune.

To activate this service, TATA DOCOMO subscribers have to simply SMS “First NAME” and send it to 52100 (Toll Free). For example, if the name is “Rahul” then Type “Rahul” and send it to 52100. Subscription charges are Rs. 30/- per month and Name Tune download will be charged for Rs. 15/- for 90 days.

Speaking on launching this innovative service in the Call Me Tunes segment, Mr. Rishi Mohan Malhotra, Head VAS-TATA DOCOMO said, “Name Tunes is in line with our way of doing things “Refreshingly Different”, that adds an element of fun and newness to the already existing set of VAS offerings. Greeting a caller with his or her name while the phone rings, will make the call and the conversation even more pleasant and special. This would be a refreshing change for subscribers not wanting to set songs as call me tunes & will cater to a new untapped market of personalized call me tunes.

We are pleased to associate with mCarbon that has given us the edge to be the industry first and launch a unique offering in the VAS space that will certainly redefine the experience of Call Me Tunes and make it even more personalized, Mr. Malhotra added.

Powering this service for the youngest and sought after brand TATA DOCOMO, Mr. Rajesh Razdan, co-founder & Director Sales and Marketing, mCarbon said, “This is yet another flavor on top of a hugely popular service that adds a more personal touch to the caller and creates a sense of belongingness”. “Our endeavor to launch innovative and disruptive products in the marketplace that create a strong pull for the end consumer towards a value added service and its adoption has been effectively matched by equally innovative lead by DoCoMo.”

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