Did You Know That India is Just 30 Minutes Drive from Dallas, TX?

In my recent visit to Texas, I found that India is just 30 minutes drive from Dallas, TX! 😀 See the map of India, TX and driving directions in MapQuest! And, there are 3 more India in the US!

Actually, India is not alone. There are many Russia, England, Britain, Spain, Brazil, Africa, Norway, Japan, France, Italy, etc. also in the US. You name a country or famous city, most probably there will be a place in the US with that name! No wonder US considers itself as the world power! 🙂

Also, see below a list of Indian cities in the US and the states they belong to.
Delhi – CA, CO, GA, IL, IA, LA, MN, MO, NY, OH, OK, TX
East Delhi – NY
West Delhi – NY
Bombay – CA, MI, MN, NY
Madras – GA, OR, TX
Kashmir – UT
Simla – CO
Agra – CA, KS, OK

What can I say, there are more than 40 Berlin and more than 25 Sidney in the US!

Hey you wondering how the he*l I know this? Find out the US place names at http://www.placenames.com/. You can also try Yahoo Local Beta and search for a name.

Did you find your Indian city in US?

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