Artha Money Manager – India’s first Online Money Manager

Money Manager is a completely online Money Management tool that Can link all their bank, credit card and all financial accounts and allows users to calculate their net-worth, analyze spending habits, create personalized budgets and set alerts as well. This solution from Artha Money is free and first time offered by a internet financial services company in India.

Artha Money launched India’s first online money management application in association with Yodlee Inc., the premium banking solutions provider headquartered in the United States with operations in India and the United Kingdom.

Artha Money Manager is a simple, intuitive money management application through which Artha Money customers will now have complete control of their finances across multiple savings, loan, investment and credit card accounts; thereby enabling them to effortlessly evaluate their net worth on a regular basis. Users can also calculate their net-worth, analyze spending habits, create personalized budgets and set alerts as well.

Artha Money Manager updates all the account information from linked accounts automatically enabling users to have the most current information available at their fingertips. The online account aggregation solution by Yodlee, a market leader in delivering online banking solutions and payments technologies, provides the convenience of remembering only a single Internet banking password to access and manage multiple accounts online with built-in security to protect consumers and their data.

Artha Money Manager is recognized as a VeriSign Secure Site with data, password encryption and servers protected with firewalls giving consumers a secure digital financial vault for all financial transaction history. Timely alerts are delivered to users via email or SMS to monitor against fraud, and help prevent late fees, overdraft charges, and missed payments. It also includes easy-to-use tools for setting budget goals and monitoring progress. The Money Manager application is currently being offered completely free of cost.

The service is integrated with most of the Indian financial institutions which includes banks, trading, insurance and mutual fund companies. [press release]

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