Destroy the Web – Free Game Addon for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

Destroy the Web is a free game that comes as an addon for Mozilla Firefox. The addon places a new icon to the left of the URL box. When you visit a webpage and click on this icon, the website’s interface transforms into an arcade game. The objective of the game is to eliminate all page elements by clicking on them. Your clicking virtually destroys that element you can even see a small virtual explosion on screen. Meanwhile exciting music is played in the background to keep up with the game’s fast pace. A score is kept of your performance and can be uploaded on Destroy the Web’s leaderboards.

Download Destroy the Web for Mozilla

Download Destroy the Web for Chrome


  • [advt]Blow up and destroy a webpage for amusement.
  • Can help save time you would otherwise spend on browsing useless websites.
  • Different animation levels can be chosen to set the game’s speed / performance.
  • Works with every website.
  • A quick source of mental refreshment.

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