Dynamic Language Tools – Chrome Extension that Translate Entire Webpages

Dynamic Language Tools is a Google Chrome Extension which can translate entire webpages to your own language or language of your choice. It has exciting features like on page translation, transliteration, dictionary, and image lookup. Translation feature in Dynamic Language Tools extension can translate the text or words to your desired language. The Transliteration feature in Dynamic language Tools helps you in reading and writing by converting words in to language phonetic words.

Dictionary is another interesting feature in this extension you can find the meaning of the translated word and even if your selected word is not in English it will auto transliterated to English and displays the meaning of the word.

[advt]Dynamic language Tools is a simple and easy to install all-in-one translation and language tool with more exciting features. It is a set of tools for on page translation, transliteration and dictionary and image lookup.

The instant dictionary lookup helps you find the definition of the selected word from the WordNet and WordNik dictionaries. One nice feature is that if the selected word is not in English, it’s auto transliterated to English and that English word definition is found and displayed.

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