DesktopSnowOK – Soft, Fluttering Snowflakes to Your Desktop

DesktopSnowOK is a tiny tool which can add soft, fluttering snowflakes to your desktop in a click.  It is highly configurable. There are twelve flake styles to choose from, for instance, covering everything from tiny orbs to chunky full-sized flakes. And a host of other options (soccer balls, base balls, tennis balls and more) ensure the program will be useful – if that word really applies here all year long.

You can also choose the number of flakes you’d like on screen at any one time, their transparency, and how quickly they should fall.

And while DesktopSnowOK isn’t a Windows screen saver, you can produce a similar result by setting “Deactivation” to “If pressing a key or mouse events”. Leave your PC for a while and the snow will start to fall; come back, start typing or moving the mouse and the flakes will disappear again.

Download DesktopSnowOK


  • Very Small
  • Low CPU usage
  • [advt] 5-64 snow flakes
  •  Adjustable speed
  • Several flakes textures (bitmaps)
  •  Optional transparency
  • Optional deactivation by mouse movement or keyboard input
  •  Optional translation feature
  •  Portable

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