Desktop App to Notify Facebook Updates – Download FlipToast

FlipToast is the desktop application for Facebook which provides a very interactive user interface to interact with all your friends on Facebook.  No need to have a browser window opens to interact with your friends and family. It  notifies users every time there is an update to their news feed, essentially bringing Facebook directly to their desktop without the need to open a browser window.

It also lets you upload photos to Facebook with the click of a button. Just drag photos into the FlipToast window and poof, they are on Facebook.

Why should you FlipToast?

  •  Everything you love about Facebook in a compact desktop app.
  •  Take care of all your daily tasks while staying connected to Facebook.
  •  Instant interaction with your Facebook friends.
  •  Drag-n-drop feature that makes uploading pictures easy and fun.
  •  It’s completely Free.

Download FlipToast


  • [advt] Easy drag-n-drop photo upload
  •  Facebook chat
  •  Real time Facebook notifications
  •  Update Facebook status
  •  Post likes and comments
  •  Easy and efficient access using sidebar

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