uProtect.it – Tool to Protect Facebook Comments and Status Updates

uProtect.it is a free tool that allows you to protect your comments and status updates, even preventing Facebook from accessing them. By using it, you can ensure that only your friends can read your comment or post, no matter where on Facebook you happen to post it; even Facebook can’t ever see the actual comment.

Your Facebook posts and messages across the Web can be read by anyone. It’s not just your friends or your friends’ networks, you’re also highly visible to advertisers, insurers, healthcare providers, employers and other decision-makers. When you make comments or put information online, those words can last indefinitely. It makes it possible to self-select how long the message will persist and who exactly sees it.

[advt]Once users install the uProtect.it plugin, they can use it whenever they need an extra layer of privacy on Facebook. When you use it, the status updates you post will initially appear to your Facebook friends. You select which of your friends you would like to share the encrypted message with. If users have the application installed and they are allowed by the poster to see the post, then it becomes readable.

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