Default Text Styling in GMail – A Google Labs Feature

With the Default Text Styling gadget offered by Google Labs, now you can set the default font, font size, bold, italics, color and background color to be used in your GMail Compose window.

This option is off by default. To enable this lab feature, head over to the ‘General’ tab on the ‘Settings’ page, and change the default text styling to better suit your preferences. You can set whichever color and style fonts as default text while composing or replying to emails.

This is one of the imporant feature missing in GMail. But this feature does not seem to work on the signature. If you have a feedback or suggestions, post it.


  1. This lab does not work for me. After switching the lab on, then selecting my default text from the general settings tab, a new email still uses the old gmail default text. I have tried every font as default and none of them work.

    Things you may want to know:
    My browser is firefox v3.5.8
    I have the blank canvas add-on installed for my signature
    Vista OS

    Any tips, or a different add-on or lab that would do this would be great 🙂 Thanks!!

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